The Nipman Foundation works in the areas of Health, Dignity and Happiness for Persons with Disabilities and the underprivileged sections of the society

The Ministry of Social Justice has collaborated with the Nipman Foundation as a ‘Partner’ to take the Accessible India campaign forward.

Nipman Foundation has a team of trained accessibility auditors who have audited and provided recommendations for disability friendly infrastructure including Delhi Metro, Delhi Haat, Supreme Court and have also worked with the Election commission and the Indian Railways Committee.

The Foundation has executed various projects in association with SIAM and CII including the Auto Expo where the Foundation invites over 100 Wheel Chair users to visit the venue of the Expo on Goodwill Day (A day before the Auto Expo). The Foundation also provided wheelchair facility during the Auto Expo to anyone – aged, injured or disabled. In addition, Nipman Foundation has been the accessibility partner of the NH7 Weekender and Jaipur Literary Festivals. The Foundation also successfully lobbied with Zomato to add wheelchair access filters to their restaurant listings.

The Foundation’s flagship event, the Nipman Foundation Equal Opportunity Awards were instituted in 2014 to recognize companies and institutions that not only promote employment of Persons with Disability but also remove all physical and attitudinal barriers encouraging them to flourish in their lives with dignity and Equal Opportunity. E&Y is the audit partner of the awards that are chaired by an independent jury chaired by Dr. Rajiv Kumar, Former Secy General, FICCI. Microsoft is our title partner for the 2017 edition of the awards. This year we are expanding award categories to recognise organisations with innovative solutions for PwD’ making their daily lives more inclusive and accessible and a Disabled Entrepreneur.

Our latest initiative, Wheels for Life started in October 2016, is a transparent platform that has been designed to enable PwD’s to request for wheelchairs and for donors to gift, in a simple straight-forward and accessible manner. The main objective is to ensure that persons with physical disabilities have access to facilities they need to live an empowered and fulfilling life. ‘Wheels for Life’ initiative reaches out to as many deserving beneficiaries through two ways — directly to people who need wheelchairs and cannot afford them and by encouraging and facilitating the gifting of wheelchairs. People can easily make donations on the website: . Transparent functioning of ‘Wheels for Life’ has managed to bridge the gap between donors and beneficiaries and ensures that people get to see the beneficiaries who have received wheelchairs from their donations.